Moving Days

The breaker box in my studio…electricity!

Didn’t get into the studio today.  Since we’re moving this weekend we had some packing to do.  I spent the day  filling boxes, loading up the cars unpacking the boxes and doing it again.  In between we got Rocky and the donkeys into a new routine that we hope will help them acclimate better.

I won’t move into my studio till next week.  The electric is still being worked on, anyway, moving into the house is enough for one weekend.

View of the donkeys and sheep from my studio window

At the end of the day I met Nancy and Mandy and Lisa (the baker) in Bean Heads where we’ll be having out Show in December.   Before it was a coffee shop it was a bank, ( you can see the safe in the back ground.)  The space has a lot of character.

Lisa, Nancy and Mandy in Bean Heads

Then Nancy and Mandy and I headed to Hubbard Hall (which is next door) for the Thursday night drumming circle with Otha Day.

Thursday night drumming

Tomorrow, more moving and animal strategies then painting Jon’s study so it’s ready for the furniture on Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Moving Days

  1. Hugs to you and Jon! This weekend will be a whirlwind, and then you’ll be nesting for quite awhile. We’re all thinking about you and your menagerie!!!

  2. You’re going to love being able to look out the window, while you are creating, and see your animals going about their lives! I can see my sheep out my studio windows and I find it so relaxing and inspiring. Hang on … the turmoil of moving will soon be over and then you can concentrate on really enjoying your new space.

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