Driving To Work

“Walking in Circles” pieced together

Things are backward.  For the first time I drove to the old Bedlam Farm to work in my studio.  The chickens are the only animals still there (we’ll move them tomorrow when the chicken coop comes) I gave them some feed and picked up the dry food for the cats. (who are settling nicely to their new home in crates in the barn for a few days.  Seems like a cat hotel to me.  Room service and breakfast in bed and some silly cat toys that I’m sure they will have nothing to do with but makes me feel better).  I took Frieda and Lenore with me and put them in the front yard where Frieda barked at the town trucks fixing the road and Lenore howled at a passing siren.  The mail carrier put a rubberband on the mailbox, closing to anymore deliveries.

I worked on Walking in Circles and when I got hungry, not only was Jon not there to make lunch, as he usually does, but, of course,  there was no food in the house.  I knew this when I left  home this morning, don’t know what I was thinking.

It felt good to be working, but I felt like a visitor.  It’s hard to concentrate on what I’m doing when I know I’m going to be leaving soon.  I’m still  in my moving head.   But I’m determined to make potholders to give to Kim by the end of the week.  I have so much work to do and I can’t wait to get back to it.

This will be my last batch of potholders that I make in my Studio Barn and I’ll probably finish Walking in Circles in my School House Studio.  I like the idea of finishing a piece in my new studio that  I started in my old studio.   It gives the process continuity and something to work on when I get to my School House Studio without having to think about it.  I can just jump into working on something familiar and known in my new space.

12 thoughts on “Driving To Work

  1. I love the continuity comment, Maria. You got it right. Your spirit is beautifully resilient and a joy to share through your life and work.
    Wishing you another great day of creating.

  2. Beautiful quilt, Maria. Love how this came together…Jon mentioned on his blog that you will be selling wool at some point. When you’re ready to do that, either processed wool and/or fleece, please let me know. I’d enjoy spinning/knitting with Ma’s wool and with the fleece from others in your flock.

  3. Thank you, Maria! Appreciate being added to the list…and I’m looking forward to the holiday art show in December!

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