Jon Painting My Studio, Frieda Watching

Jon volunteered to paint a couple of pieces of clapboard on my studio, so i could get to work. They needed to be primed before the rain that’s supposed to come today and last for days. What a sweetheart!

6 thoughts on “Jon Painting My Studio, Frieda Watching

  1. Hi Maria
    I read every day!
    Jon has scooped your SLOW DOWN potholder!
    If I am first I would LOVE to buy it!
    Fingers crossed as I see it is not even up here, yet!

  2. Maria I think your studio is lovely-a dream studio come true. How fortunate you are to have this little historic building rehabbed for your very own. I would do almost anything to have a place like this to paint in (and sew, too!).

    And as I have always said, what a wonderful hubby. I love how he loves you. 🙂

    I would love another pot holder sometime. If you ever do anything with the theme of art and painting canvas send me an email…that or if you make one with a golden retriever in red with a blonde girl. Let me know.

    How happy I am for you!


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