Winter Window

Jane’s husband Tom dropped off Jane’s pincushions at Bean Heads tonight for the show on Saturday.  I got this picture of my potholders in the window with the lights on.  There haven’t been lights on in Bean Heads for over 5 years, it was nice to see.

10 thoughts on “Winter Window

  1. Looks like Beans’ Head is coming alive after dormancy for so long. Nice to see a buzz of creativity igniting this space. What a wonderful thing to to do, for you as artists, and for the town of Cambridge, so much so that it merits a trip from a downstater. See you Saturday, Maria!

  2. what a lovely picture – makes the site look very warm and inviting- if i lived on the other coast i would make it to the show

  3. Maria,
    It has been a revelation for me reading about you and your fellow artists putting this wonderful arts event together. And, how bravely you share your own revelations on your soul journey. Being a Seeker myself, and an artist who is struggling to accept and “wear” and own my creative identity, I send you my sincere wishes for every success you experience in the art show and your search, and my gratitude for your open heart.

  4. Maria-
    This is a lovely picture; speaks to me of warm holiday moments. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Art Show at Bean Heads.

  5. The window looks very festive. If I was walking by and spotted the lights with your potholders, I would definitely be drawn in. Hope you have a full house and lots of sales on Saturday.

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