Working at the Co-op

Hannah and Nancy at the Cambridge Village Co-op

I spent the morning training at the Cambridge Village Co-op.   I used to work there years ago when it was in the Hubbard Hall Opera House building (right next door to Bean Heads).  Since we’ve moved to Cambridge we’ve been shopping there a lot and I thought it would be fun to become a working member (and we’ll get a 15% discount).  So I spent the morning with Hannah,  learning how to use the register and weigh vegetables and bulk foods.  I’ve worked in retail through out my life and really enjoy parts of it, meeting and helping people and my obsessive brain loves to stock shelves.  I wouldn’t want to do it full time but 4 hours a month keeps the fun in it.   And Nancy (you know jewelry Nancy) and Kim (who assembles my potholders) both work there part time.  It’s about community and food,  a good combination.

6 thoughts on “Working at the Co-op

  1. Good for you Maria! I used to shop there when it was at Hubbard Hall as well. Maybe I met you there! I’m sure you’ll enjoy working there again ~ I’ve enjoyed shopping there at times

  2. Great Maria! You’re a kind soul. Four hours a month is just enough. Can’t wait for my health issues to be resolved so I can do the same at our animal shelter.
    I’ve blocked and stocked shelves and found it to be great occupational therapy when I needed a brain rest. 🙂

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