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As I was sorting through all of Laura Israel’s appliques and ribbons I remembered a dream I had last week where I was in a shop that was filled with tiny draws and cabinets which were filled with thread and buttons and fabric and so many different things it was overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

So much, I’m not used to having so much to choose from, so much to be able to use however I want.   I usually think about how to stretch things out, how to use a small piece of fabric to make ten potholders.  But going through the appliques and ribbons there are so many of them, such an abundance I have to think about them differently.   Not about saving them or using them sparingly, but making use of the repetition of the duplicates,  putting bunches of them in a small space.  That’s how they look best to me, most interesting and compelling.

So many of them grabbed me, (there are a ton of poodles) but it was the ballerina’s that won today.   They look just like the ballerinas on a music box.  I couldn’t resist them.   So as I sorted, I started to lay out a piece.  I had it in mind from the beginning to make a pillow.

abundance 2

This was my first go at it (the Mardi Gras  mask mocking me from the corner).  The yellow wasn’t right, too neutral, it looked to much like cake decoration.

abundance 3

So I switched to the green.  I wasn’t sure how it would be to stitch the appliques on.  They’re so thick and tiny.  I was a bit concerned, and was going to do a practice run but then decided to just jump in.  It turned out to be easier than I thought.

abundance 4

Once I got to this point I stopped and really  looked at it and for the first time and  thought about what I had done.  It seemed a dream.  I saw structure and precision, the laws of man giving way to the laws of  nature.

abundance 6

I gave it a border to hold it all in, but didn’t have time to make it into the pillow I envisioned from the start.   I’ll finish it tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. I really like when you put up multiple pictures of a work in progress. It gives me an idea of what you do when creating a piece. I also like when you list the sayings that are on your potholders as they are not always readable in the pictures. I love following your blog (and Jons). I read them first every day. Thanks, Elaine

  2. I love this piece! Coming from the world of dance, it is about precision and timing – so apropo to include the clock…but inside the dancer is freedom from time. and this folkloric depiction captures that fantasy as well. Kudos Maria!

    1. I love your interpretation of this piece Jodi. I’m reading The Painted Girls. About the dancers Degas painted. I’m sure it was an influence.

  3. Hi Maria,

    My co-worker and friend came to your art show at the old Bedlam Farm last summer. We both both came to meet Lenore as we are dog lovers, and both are big fans of Jon’s books. We very much enjoyed meeting you, and actually ended up sitting with your mother for a long time before realizing she was your mom. Anyway, we both loved you artwork also. I purchased a pillow and a potholder. My friend got a couple of potholders. Anyway, how much will you be charging for your applique pillows? If I can afford it, I would love to order one with the poodle appliques. I love ’em.

    1. Hi Patti, I think each pillow will be a different size so I’m not sure of the pricing yet. I’m sure to get to the poodles soon and when I do I”ll post them If you email me I can let you know when I have one available. I’m glad you enjoyed the show at Bedlam Farm. I too think they were lots of fun.

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