Jon Katz Notecards For Sale

Flowers and Light
Flowers and Light

I thought I’d have a sale on some of Jon’s note cards that seems appropriate for Valentines Day.  So I’m offering the (Barn Fairy Note Cards are sold out)  Barn Fairy and Flower  Notecards For sale for $10 per pack + $5 shipping, (for one or more packs).    Each pack has 5  signed notecards  by Jon Katz.

You can use the paypal button below or I also take checks.  Please be sure to let me know which pack of cards you want if you use the paypal button.  To send a check email me here or at [email protected].




One thought on “Jon Katz Notecards For Sale

  1. I gave the barn fairy cards to my friend at Christmas. She loves fairies and as soon as I saw them I knew they were perfect. She could not have been more delighted with them!!

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