Welcome Mud

The path from the back door of the house to my studio
The path from the back door of the house to my studio

Frieda and I gingerly make our way through the mud from the back door to my studio.   Frieda avoids the muddy puddles like a cat.   I leave my shoes on the rug just inside my door, but Frieda’s footprints make a path from the door to her bed by the window.  I’ve given up trying it keep it clean,  this time of year,  I could spend my whole day cleaning up muddy footprints.   I think about when the Irish and Scottish  first settled this area, how they would lay wood planks down to walk on.  Or the Corduroy roads they used to make from laying logs next to each other, a bumpy ride, but at least you don’t get stuck in the mud.

Living on an old farm in the country, as opposed to in  the suburbs  where I grew up, with it’s cement sidewalks, driveways and paths,  in many ways evokes another time.  A time when the seasons worked their way into your house.   I never have the sense that I’m separate from nature here.  We are one.  So maybe it’s time for me to start welcoming the mud, being happy to see it tracked though the house and studio.  After all, mud means spring and soon I’ll be bringing daffodils in the house instead of mud.

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  1. We are having an exceptionally muddy late winter and it’s hard getting the puppy out as much as she needs! I wish we had all the snow that is south of us to cover it up ~ mud season doesn’t seem to last as long with snow on the ground. But wishes don’t make it so and you have the right idea ~ welcoming muddy paw prints as a harbinger of spring! I am watching spring bulbs poke up in the gardens and today I see that there are buds on the snowdrops under the crabapple tree. So there is something to look forward to ere long!

  2. How true, Maria…our daffodls are up in SE CT…so it won’t be too long. I think we’ve all had enough of winter! I’m working on my ‘Maria quilt’–hard to stay away from symetrical blocks but I’m trying to just piece colors together that please me… Robin

  3. The mud was so thick by my car it just about sucked my boot off. Monster Mudd. I admit, I actually got a carton from the basement, flattened it and put it by my car door. Much better! Have a great time off together!

  4. Hi… While living in Oregon the area where we lived had clay all over. So our garden (Which was around 1/3 of the back yard area)until we got a lot of grass etc into it was terribly clingy! You could life up your foot and have about another 6 inches of clay on your boots or shoes if you made the mistake of wearing them. LoL… we learned.. I must say though since I’m only 5’4″ tall… it was nice to be a bit taller at times! It comes and goes. Before long we will be complaining because it’s too hot of a Summer!

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