There’s Something Under My Floor

frieda 1frieda 2frieda 3Frieda can be as obsessive as me.  There’s something under my studio floor.  It’s  probably been hibernating for the winter and now it’s waking up.  The only reason I know about it because Frieda has stuck her nose in a tiny hole in my floor and is taking big sniffs of…something.   I have a feeling she’d do this all day if I let her.

13 thoughts on “There’s Something Under My Floor

  1. It’s amazing how focused they are. There is something under my back steps (likely a rabbit) that seems to have been there a few years. My dog Chelsea was always interested in the space between the foundation and the step and would stand sniff there every time we went in or out. My new puppy is doing the same thing and even digging the dirt a bit. I love this series of pictures of Frieda ~ she’s so intent on whatever it is. Something has caught her interest for sure! And I wonder if, like me, you’ll be guessing at what it is through the summer.

  2. Maria, this is so hilarious!! I have come back several times today (and I’m at work!) to look at Freida looking at the floor!! I love this 🙂

  3. Probably little mouse people. My useless cat has been sitting by a hutch in the kitchen for the last month, I thought the mouse was under the hutch, but no he was IN the hutch and made a gross mess. Now clean with a trap waiting and of course he wont come back… Who knows what you are going to find with Spring? Hopefully it wont bite. Cheers!

  4. Hi Maria, This makes me chuckle.Did Frieda give up or did you have to take action?
    Mavie was as neurotic and obsessive as me. He perseverated over the lawn mower where it sat in the backyard. No matter that I moved it to show him there was nothing under it. He had his nose under it all the time. I think he might have been addicted to the gasoline smell. 🙂

  5. My 85 pound hound was standing over me in bed obsessively sniffing at the window crack this morning. I had to laugh when I saw your photo. Frieda is on the trail!

  6. I hope there is not a skunk under there. We had a skunk and 3 of her babies under our shed. My husband walked by one day and they all followed him. I had to tell him to freeze so as not to upset them. He did not get sprayed. Someone told us to use amonia soaked rags and throw them under the shed, which we did. We then surrounded the whole shed with wire to keep the skunks out. Now we only get chipmunks and mice.

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