Wild Geranium

wild geraniums done

So here it is all done except for the title, my signature and the year, which I’ll do tomorrow when I get my sewing machine back from the shop.  I’ve turned it around to see how it looks hanging in different directions,  it won’t be hanging on a wall so it doesn’t really matter, but it’s kind of fun to do.   Jo-Anne, who bought Wild Geranium, already told me it’s going to be draped over the back of her couch, when it’s not being used,  so every one can see it.  I like that.

wild geraniums  done2

wild geraniums  done4

wild geraniums  done3

here's the back of it
here’s what the back looks like.

5 thoughts on “Wild Geranium

  1. I read your blog often but never comment. I just had to leave a quick note tonight though. This is a lovely blog–and a beautiful quilt!

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