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Brown kraft paper from Rite Aid,  my DYMO LabelWriter, and a scissor is all I needed to make my labels for my wool.  I’ve always been a fan of brown paper for wrapping just about anything, so it was an easy and practical choice for me.

Is it possible that making labels can feel as creative and satisfying as making art? Maybe it wouldn’t be if it was all I did, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had fun  making labels for my wool and just love the way they look.

labels on wool 2


14 thoughts on “Label Satisfaction

  1. I think it is so cool how you put the sheep’s name on the label!! That made me smile and although I don’t know you, I thought “that’s Maria” !!

  2. Maria, I’m a knitter and I would so love to reach out and touch those skeins of wool. I adore your labels. What a unique and creative way to package your product. Good job and good luck!

  3. It is beautiful wool and I love your labels – simple and earthy. Would it
    be possible to put me on a list to buy wool from your next batch? I’m a
    knitter and would love to make something from your sheep.

  4. Those look great. Karl Marx is feeling good tonight. Your labor just got a little less alienated from nature…

  5. All you girls did a great job….of course with a little help from Jon and Red. The craft paper and label gun are perfect Maria!

  6. I think the labels are just perfect. From where I sit they did a fabulous job creating your first yarn. Be sure to make yourself something special with it!!

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