White Birch Fiber Studio

The washcloth, soap and wooded dish I bought from Lynne
The wash cloth, soap and wooded dish I bought from Lynne

When Lynne sent me a check for Zelda’s Roving, it came in a card that read White Birch Fiber Studio.  There was a website on the back.  That’s how I found Lynne’s Blog where she writes about the birch tree that inspired the name of her website, her Angora bunnies,  gives spinning and knitting lessons and sells her work.  It’s a warm, inviting and knowledgeable site and I liked it immediately.   I bought a couple of her hand crocheted wash cloths and locally made soaps.  A pretty package.  And as Lynne spins Zelda’s roving I’ll link to her site to share the process.  Until that happens you can check out Lynne’s work at www.whitebirchfiberstudio.com

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