When My Brain Turns to Fuzz

owl pillow

I have a box filled with fabric from Jackie (whose Spring Shrine I posted this morning)  and was planning on starting a quilt for her.  But the morning got away from me finishing up a few more potholders  and after lunch it got the urge to try an applique pillow.  I worked on it till about 6pm then, it was like I just hit a wall. I was suddenly tired, not seeing straight, my brain has turned to fuzz.  I started being indecisive and questioning what I had already done.  What ever wasn’t sewn down, I started moving around, then moving it back again.  After doing this for about 10 minutes, I realized it was time for me to stop.

I have no doubt that when I get back to this next week, I’ll know just what to do.  But for now, it’s dinner and an evening of reading.  When you live with Battenkill Books Recommender in Chief, there’s always a stack of good books to read.

The other version of the pillow
The other version of the pillow



6 thoughts on “When My Brain Turns to Fuzz

  1. What a sweet little vintage hankie with the darling butterfly. It works so well in your whimsical piece.

  2. Dear Maria, I like BOTH versions of the pillow!! My brain turns to mush on a regular basis, always when I’ve worked too long on a project that I’m uncertain about. How amazing our brains are, that they clear up with a good night’s sleep!! Hope your mini vacation will be great. Annie

  3. Is this unfinished pillow sold? If not, I would love to know its dimensions. I have someone in mind for it. Thanks, Maria. :)) Luanne

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