Poodle Stripes

poodle stripes

Ha!  I got it.  I’ve been struggling with this all morning and now I got it.  I have to patch together this small piece of red and white striped fabric, but I’ll be able to make it work, after all, that’s kinda what I do.  The crochet edge and red and white stripes will be a floppy border to this pillow.  Now it looks like the candy dream it truly is.  I think  I earned my poodle stripes. (I think this piece is already sold, if not, I’ll let you all know)

5 thoughts on “Poodle Stripes

  1. You’re right, that’s it ! The lace and red stripes are just what it needed. Of course, we all knew you would find the perfect touch. It IS what you do !

  2. Wow! Stripes and a badge! This was the pre-brain fuzz piece I gather. A night or two away from it all and omg! It’s so different. Sweet enough to eat. Sometimes it seems I can track your moods through your work.(like here.)Just my feeling,not to sound like a narcissist hopefully. 🙂

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