A Good Fit

Umbrella Girl Pillow on Fran's couch
Umbrella Girl Pillow on Fran’s couch

Fran asked me if I could make her an Umbrella Girl Pillow when I first started making Umbrella Girl Potholders.  I finally did it a few weeks ago.  She was surprised, as I was, when she told me the colors of the pillow were just right on her yellow couch with the rust checkered pillows.


Minnie and Hens on  The Rocker

Sally told me she hung the Minnie and Hens Potholder on the bulletin board above her desk so she could look at it everyday.  It seems to fit right in with the other pictures.  The little girl standing on the chair is  Sally’s Mom and that’s Sally and her sister on the tricycle.

2 thoughts on “A Good Fit

  1. This is such a cool image. Minnie and the hens with Sally, her family, and her bunnys. Your work is an affirmation. For Sally, me and I’m sure many others. The healthy heart potholder is on the window sill over my sink. I affirm it each day. I know Sally must get the inner peace from her Minnie and hens piece daily as do I.
    Her bulletin board has such character.She must be a very special lady.

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