Greener Grass

The sheep nervously looking around the dog run
The sheep nervously walking around the dog run

I had this idea that the sheep could eat down the grass in the dog run. It’s a small secure area and the grass is green and growing taller here than anywhere else on the farm.  It even looks good to me, I thought they would love it.   I also liked the idea of having them grazing right outside my studio while I was working.  Jon wasn’t as optimistic as me, but we cleaned up the dog poop and let them in.

They walked around for a while, nervously looking at the back door of the house where we let Red in, then they ran behind my studio, where there’s no grass and stood by the fence.  The donkeys, came nosing around, not liking to be left out.  Then all of them, separated by fences, got as close to each other as possible.  All this time, Jon was concerned about the sheep poop that the dogs would be scarfing up as soon as the sheep were gone.  We left them alone and  after a while it was clear the sheep were not comfortable enough to graze (they were huddled by the gate trying to get back into their familiar pasture)  and we opened the gate so they could be with the donkeys on familiar grass.

Frieda ate the pile of sheep poop just outside the back door as soon as I let her out.    Well, it was worth a try, I guess this time the grass wasn’t greener on the other side of the fence.

7 thoughts on “Greener Grass

  1. Maria – I just laughed out so loudly at my desk! The end of this post was hilarious! Thank you for making MY day!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hahaha…. don’t know why I found it funny, but I did. The idea of the sheep milling around while there is green grass under their feet, but they can’t relax enough to enjoy it gave me a chuckle (yes, I’m weird, I’ll admit it. Sheep are such timid creatures, just can’t stand any place that makes them feel unsafe. Maybe the donkeys could mow the dog pen?

    1. Sometimes I’m like the sheep Sheila, can’t see what right under my feet. Yes, I bet the donkeys would have no trouble, and imagine how happy their poop would make the dogs!

  3. This is a great post. We really can’t get into the minds of our animals, as much as we like to think we can. I love that photo with the yellow and white studio in the green grass. Such a lovely color.

  4. LOL at this post and the fact that Freida ate the sheep poop as soon as she got out; like my little Jaimie, shell eat whatever doesn’t eat her first … and knowing what I’ve read about Freida, no one would dare to even think of eating her … Wonderful laugh, thanks….

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