Moving the Sheep and Donkeys

Jon and Red moving the sheep and donkeys to the back pasture
Jon and Red moving the sheep and donkeys ….

Our latest farm plan is to leave the sheep and donkeys  in the North Pasture (where the grass is really good)  for a couple of  hours in the morning then move them to the back pasture till the late afternoon (where the grass is so/so).  Then at 3pm when we would usually give them more hay, we’ll move them back to the North Pasture again.

into the back pasture
….into the back pasture.

4 thoughts on “Moving the Sheep and Donkeys

  1. I love the photos ~ especially the one where they are all in a line! It’s kind of funny ~ Jon is walking away and the sheep are heading for the donkeys. But then they all decide to follow him in the end with a little help from wonderful Red!!

  2. dear Maria, I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!! Jon has some more competition, which I know only makes him feel thrilled, not insecure! Annie

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