Two Shirts and a Checkered Table Cloth

back of j's quilt

That’s the back of Jackie’s quilt hanging on the wall.  To make it I used pieces from two of Jackie’s husband’s shirts and her red and white checkered table cloth.  The flowers come from the collection of Laura Israel’s fabric (Vintage 1974).  The colors are just right and I like the juxtaposition of the flowers and grids.

The front of the quilt is laid out on the floor upside down.  I stitched a piece of white fabric over the area where the  woven scarf is because there were spaces in the weave big enough to see the batting.   Don’t want the batting coming through the front of the quilt.

4 thoughts on “Two Shirts and a Checkered Table Cloth

  1. Interesting to see the back of the quilt, Maria, in the context of knowing the front. There is just as much thought given to this side, too – even the unseen, in art, has a purpose and a plan, right?

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