The Last of the Kalico Kitty Potholders

Kalico Kitty Potholders
Kalico Kitty Potholders

I meant to start tacking the Kalico Kitty Quilt this morning for Luanne, but as I was getting my yarn and needles out, I saw out of the corner of my eye, the scraps of Kitty fabric left over from the quilt.  What could I say, it called to me (or meowed?!) and before I knew it my iron was hissing and my sewing  machine was humming.  And now, I’ve used it all up, every last scrap of 1956 Vintage Kalico Kitty fabric.

I was able to make 10 potholders some with one kitty some with two and one with no kitty and a bunch of squeaking baby birds.  I’ll hand these off to Kim tonight for her to finish up for me.  They should be all done in a week or so.  They are for sale for $15 each + $5 shipping for one or more ($10 to Canada.  Sorry those of you who live in Canada for the expensive shipping.  For some reason, prices have recently gone up and shipping to Canada is like shipping overseas)  If you would like a Kalico Kitty Potholder just email me here or at [email protected].

One thought on “The Last of the Kalico Kitty Potholders

  1. Ha ha!! Two please! You can put them in with the quilt and I will PayPal you $30! I hope that works for you and that at least one of them has a kitty on it. Thanks, LT

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