Butterfly Quilt

butterfly quilt 2

I had plans of taking photos of the Butterfly quilt as I was making it.  I wanted to show the progress.  But, I got caught up in it and and pictures went from the one above to the one below.

butterfly quilt 3

When I looked at the quilt in the photo on my computer screen, the purple stripes in the bottom left corner bothered me.  So I tried this:

butterfly quilt 4

I’m still not completely sure which I’ll use, the real thing looks different from the photo……

butterfly quilt butterfly

The name for the quilt come from this silk butterfly hankie that came in the batch  of hankies Susan sent me, that belonged to her mother.  I think it’s the first time I used a hankie in a quilt.


7 thoughts on “Butterfly Quilt

  1. Do you ever wonder at the beauty of these hankies? They are much too lovely to use as a hanky would be, so were they created just as things of beauty?

  2. This butterfly is so beautiful-with the glowing colors and “sections” of colors, it would make a lovely stained-glass window!

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