Jackie’s Hankie Scarf

Jackie in a Vintage Hankie Scarf made from her Hankies.
Jackie in a Vintage Hankie Scarf made from her Hankies.

If you were one of the first people to get one of my Vintage Hankie scarves, it was probably made from some of Jackie’s hankies.  When I first began making the scarves, Lesleigh  emailed me and said her mother collected hankies for years and would like to make a trade.  She would give me her mother’s collection and I would make her mom a scarf with her hankies.  Lesleigh told me her mother was very fashionable at 82.   You can see the truth in that in Jackie’s pictures.

One of the things I love about these scarves is they seem to appeal to women of all ages.  One woman bought a scarf for herself and one for her  granddaughter.  (and her granddaughter really like it).   The fashion gap between a woman in her teens and woman in her 80’s  can be vast.  I’m seeing these scarves can span that gap.   Through the scarves, these hankies, that had so much meaning to the person who saved them, are relevant again, not only to that person, but to someone who may never even have seen one of these hankies before.   A delicate connection between generations.


9 thoughts on “Jackie’s Hankie Scarf

  1. I can totally see how these scarves would span generations – each generation ties their scarves differently, I think: my mother and aunts had a very 1960-Jackie O. type of flair, my daughters tie theirs in a style I’d describe as Middle East influenced. And then some people, like me, just tie ’em in a haphazard way because we lack fashion sense entirely but love scarves. So cool to see your creations worn, Maria!

  2. What a beautiful lady! I am going to take a picture of my mom with her scarf when she gets it soon. I’ll send it to you too. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  3. It’s truly a wonderful idea Maria. The hankies are so beautiful and this way they get to shine. And Jackie is quite a lady judging from her photos!! I love that the things you make have a story behind them ~ even if we don’t always know what it is. I love the scarves and hope to be able to get one soon!

  4. So pretty! I love mine and cant wait to get another. It’s supposed to be a gift, but we’ll see!!

  5. Maria, this hankie scarf is beautiful beyond words. If you ever make anymore, please know that I would love to purchase one. Every time I see one of your creations, I can’t help but want to buy one. This is so light and delicate. It is a wondrous thing to turn on my computer, come to Full Moon Fiber Art, and see something new every day. It is special to see how incredibly creative you are. It appears that your talent is limitless. Many of your creations should be in a museum so that more people could enjoy them.
    Stay as cool as possible in your humid weather and thank you for sharing so much.

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