The back of Butterfly Quilt

The back of Butterfly Quilt
The back of Butterfly Quilt

I’m starting to tack Butterfly Quilt.  I’ll spend the day listening to podcasts and pulling yarn through the three layers of the quilt tying it in the back.  By the time 5 o’clock rolls around, I’ll be happy to quit(even if I’m not done)  and go to my yoga class.  Tacking and tying usually gets to my right shoulder.  And an hour and a half of yoga, makes all the tightness go away.

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    1. What ever I have Pam. I have a drawer full of yarn and wool that I’ve gotten at thrift stores and that people have given me. A wide variety

  1. I think I love each new quilt that comes along more than the last! This butterfly quilt is so beautiful, I love the flowers and colors, and of course that gorgeous butterfly. This one makes me smile, it just rminds me of a perfect summer day in the garden! I am sure it is going to a grateful home!

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