Kitchen Floor….. Before

My Kitchen Floor
My Kitchen Floor Before (and the new tiles)

Ok, I’ve done it.  When someone suggested I do a before and after photo of the kitchen floor, I though “Oh no,  there’s no way I’m going to post a picture of my disgusting kitchen floor for all to see”.  Embarrassing, that’s what it is, embarrassing.  But now that we got the tiles, and Joe is scheduled to come today (Yes today!)  to lay down the plywood and begin the process, in other words, now that I’ll no longer have to live with it, that I’ve done something to change it, it’s easier to let you see how awful it really is.  ( by the way, all those dark spots are not shadows, they’re holes and unscrubbleable dirt).  So here it is, Floor Before (with a hint of what the new floor will look like)

I got the tiles a couple of days ago, but haven’t played with them much, it’s hard to picture what they will look like against the old floor.  But as soon as Joe lays down the plywood, I’ll play.  I worried a little when I saw the light blue, called bikini blue, that it would show up all the muddy dog prints easily, but well……too late for that now.   Anyway, it’s hard to resist having a color called bikini blue on the kitchen floor.  It conjures up an exotic tropical vacation with blue, blue water and sunshine.  Every time I step on it, it will be like wading the in the warm waters of the Caribbean.   Until the muddy footprints appear anyway.

Now Joe said he’d most likely be able to make it here today, but there’s a chance he’ll get caught up in another job.  But I believe in my heart he will show and by this evening I’ll be splashing in my tiles.


20 thoughts on “Kitchen Floor….. Before

  1. How exciting! Can’t wait to see the new floor. And no embarrassment needed – the kitchen floor is old and well worn, inherited with your lovely house. Nice that you’ll be able to replace it with hints of the Caribbean!

  2. I feel your pain. Our floor is absolutely disgusting but since we’re looking for a new place I’ve resisted replacing it. Even the realtor said it wasn’t worth spending the money because we wouldn’t know the new owners tastes and they might come in and replace it anyway.

    LOVE the colors!! I agree with the Bikini Blue – makes me see palm trees and cold drinks with little umbrellas. Have fun!

  3. Maria, the new floor is going to be beautiful, can’t wait to see the results. BTW, I think I had the same “before” floor when we moved into our home 35 years ago. Scrubbing and scrubbing on my hands and knees but it did no good.

  4. Dear Maria,

    I love the soothing colors! What a pleasure it will be too cook and create delicious food!

    Both you and Jon have brought me “tears of joy” today – Jon with his and Reds’ service work and your sharing of your grandmother – all things are relative & help to heal my heart – Thank you so much for sharing your crafts, I hope to see you September 1st.

    Love & Peace,

    1. Oh Sandra, I didn’t know you were coming on the first. Please be sure to introduce yourself to me so I know it’s you. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

  5. I love it already! (And I’m totally acquainted with that old floor – my husband’s house had it before we tore it up and refloored, with a bland tan version of the tiles you’re getting. Yes, the paw prints will show like crazy, but this flooring is indestructible and wipes easily. Maybe you could wash a few more socks in exchange for the cook keeping the floor clean? 🙂

  6. I am so looking forward to the after pictures Maria! I love the colors you chose and look forward to seeing how you’ll place them all together. I wouldn’t have thought of these colors for a kitchen floor, but when you think of them as tranquil and welcoming waters and see them with the wall color, they work beautifully! Have fun!
    — Vicki

  7. I love the blues, it will be like wading in the ocean when you make your coffee in the morning. And after all, dogs at the beach would leave footprints in the sand right?

    1. For sure Candy, It will just become part of the design. I’ll probably find myself taking photos of them and posting them on my blog.

  8. Love the colors, Marie. If it makes you feel any better I loved with painted sub floor for years after the economy took a turn south. It wasn’t all that pretty, but there was so much more that was important to me. But now that I have my hardwood floors, I love them. But it made the wait so much sweeter. Can’t wait to see your new flooring.

  9. Too many blues fighting for attention. I’d repaint the bottom kitchen wall a navy blue to let those blue tiles pop.

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