A New Quilt for The Next Open House

Union Quilt

Who knows how this happens. I was trying to get into a quiet place this morning so I could begin working on some potholders for the Open House in September (only three and a half weeks away and I don’t have anything made for it yet).  But just a few minutes into my meditation I saw a quilt beginning to form in my mind.  I jumped up and pulled the first batch of fabric I would use in the quilt. They were all the soft off white pieces with the flowers and stripes.  I tried some blues and greens with them but they didn’t work then threw in the Jousting Knight linens that I’ve had for years.


I was thinking of patterns and strips working off each other and knew I needed something to darker to set off the pale colors. That’s when I pulled out the faded red seed packet house dress that Lorlee sent me.  It was perfect, the formal soft, lady pinks juxtaposed with the down to earth gardening house dress and the funky 1960’s-ish  knights and castles which, well, I’m not sure what they do, but they work.

Last week, when Athena and Kim and I got together, Kim asked me if was going to make a quilt to sell at the next Open House.  I had actually thought of it, but wasn’t planning to.   I had it all worked out in my head how much time I had and  what I would make when.  So my initial reaction when Kim suggested it was, no, I don’t have enough time or enough space to hang a quilt in my studio.   But as we talked about it, I thought why not hang the quilt outside. So I blame this quilt on Kim. But, oh,  wouldn’t it look great hanging outside on the door of the red barn…….

6 thoughts on “A New Quilt for The Next Open House

  1. I love this – the colors are wonderful. And I can see why you held onto those jousting knights, I would have had a hard time letting them go. But I think they’re the kind of pieces that fall into “too good to use,” so by putting them into a quilt you’re really giving them the life they deserve. They’ll be seen and appreciated this way.

    Whoever came up with a Pink Knight, though – now that took some thought.

    1. It true about them being too good to use Karen. I never thought of the significance of the
      Pink Knight though. Very funny. Maybe a good name for the quilt

  2. The jousting knights make up such a whimsical center for this wonderful quilt….that seed packet fabric is a treasure, too. It will look really perfect on the barn, Maria, great idea!

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