Jon’s Photos at the Next Bedlam Farm Open House

Jon and his photos
Jon and his photos

I know you can’t see Jon’s photos very well,  because of the glare, but his smile says it all.   Jon’s disappointment in missing the deadline for the Washington County Fair Photo Contest is our gain.  Now I’ll get to hang the pictures Jon was going to enter in the Fair in my School House Gallery for the next Bedlam Farm Open House on Sunday,  September 1st.   And, you’ll be able to buy them.  There are two landscapes,  a photo of me and Rocky and one of the hens and Flo on the back porch.

One of Jon's Landscapes taken from the Old Bedlam Farm.
One of Jon’s Landscapes taken from the Old Bedlam Farm.

jon me and rocky

3 thoughts on “Jon’s Photos at the Next Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. You know, despite all the talk about “Jewish” and “pirate”, what I see in this photo is that Jon’s looking more and more like a farmer over the years. He probably won’t agree with me on that, but I think it’s emblematic of his going in that direction, that he’s wanting to give his red straw hat to a donkey (yes, I know Simon is special, but didn’t that hat come from a rather snappy haberdashery shop in Portland Oregon?) Although, now that I think about it more, maybe dressing up a donkey is something a real farmer would NOT be inclined to do . . .

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