Making Vintage Hankie Scarves

making scarves

Designed five scarves this morning.  Now my minds a jumble, breaking for lunch.

8 thoughts on “Making Vintage Hankie Scarves

    1. Karen, I’m making them of the Open House. But I’ll probably have more than I need (I made 7 today) If you’re interested in the scarf in the photo, please email me. Thanks

  1. I have to say, your work has made me appreciate these hankies as small works of artistry. Looking at them carefully–they have these tiny details that I never noticed before. Love them!

  2. Maria, I love the unique way you put colors and patterns together. I am getting more bold with both as I look at your work, in progress and finished. Annie

  3. Oh yes, I am a morning person and this is now so good as older age has left me with about 3-4 hours when I can be active. We get up at ca 6:30 a.m. , have breakfast with crossword puzzles and then I scoot about–prepare our one big meal, do some laundry, do some cleaning and have a coffee break in the middle. Then by 1;30 to 2:00 we are ready to cook and eat and after that it is read and sew and chat and slump comfortably. We do all our shopping, and most cleaning, together–husband retired also.

    We recently threw out two hopelessly clawed up recliners ( which had come from the Salvation Army in the first place) and treated ourselves to two IKEA Po-ang chairs and stools–oh goodness: what total comfort! We have them padded with gel cushions to sit on and old bed pillows to lean against = all covered with matching material by me. Once down we never want to get up again.

    I am still sewing on my first scarf. I took time away to finish sewing a dress that had been lurking over 2 years. It is made from a striped Laura Ashley sheet and God knows what the thread count is–it is like dragging the needle through armor plating. If I didn’t use a leather thimble I would never have finished it. Still–all hand sewn and it does look extremely well; she says modestly…

    I hope that you are both having a wonderful day.

  4. Love these scarfs. Saw an article in our local library about hankies. The story was about
    how we were sent to school with nickels tied in our hankies for lunch or some other treat. Sometimes it would be for penny candy at the corner store that always had a candy counter.
    I had forgotten and thought it was sweet and something you would enjoy knowing.


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