“Frieda At Rest” by Kim Gifford

Frieda At Rest by Kim Gifford
Frieda At Rest by Kim Gifford

At the last Bedlam Farm Open House, a bunch of Frieda’s fans bought Kim Gifford’s print of Frieda on the porch at Old Bedlam Farm.  It’s one of Kim’s first Ipad drawings and she captured Frieda at what she does best, watching.  Watching for anything that might decide to come into her line of vision so she can bark at it and chase it if possible.  (I like that Kim included a glimpse of my Studio Barn in the drawing too).

I remember when Kim did the drawing, it was during the last show at the Pig Barn Gallery.  She sat on the porch with her Ipad and in no time at all she turned it around and showed me her depiction of what was right in front of me.  If I had a copy of that drawing, I thought, I could hang onto this moment forever.  Later, Kim made a print of her drawing and gave it to me.   We were in the New Bedlam Farm by then, and it had even more meaning than I would have imagined.

Kim will be back at the Bedlam Farm Open House, this Sunday.  She’ll be selling framed and unframed prints of her Ipad drawings and Photo Collages and packs of her notecards.  You can see more of Kim’s work and read her blog Pugs & Pics here.  And you can meet Kim and her work in person in my School House Studio from 12 -4 pm on Sunday.

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  1. Oh I’m so glad she’ll be there! I enjoyed meeting and talking with her and I love my Freida print because it reminds me of my own “Freida” dog from childhood!

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