Yellow Quilt Pieced Together

yellow quilt pieced 2  071

I got side tracked first with selling my scarves then with my wool.  But today I finally got in the studio and finished piecing together my Yellow Quilt.

I have to admit, sometimes I look at a quilt I’ve made and wonder how it all came together.   I know it works, (honestly, often when I get done designing a quilt I look at it and say out loud, that is gorgeous, or something similar.  I’m not thinking about it when this happens, if I was, I probably wouldn’t say it. It’s just something I feel in my gut and comes out my mouth ) but can’t imagine how I made  some of the decisions I did.   It just seems to happen.

This quilt moves in and out so much, it creates spaces I want to enter.

12 thoughts on “Yellow Quilt Pieced Together

  1. I am not a yellow person; my colors are pink, mauve and lavender, but this is truly beautiful. It is like the sunshine casting its light everywhere. The juxtaposition of shapes and patterns give it a sense of movement. Its warmth spills out and says “Wrap me in this.” This quilt is smiles and laughter. It is honey spilling out. Maria, this is a wonderful extension of all that is good and creative in your talented soul. Step back, soak it in and be proud.

  2. The yellow quilt makes happy just to look at it. It is my favorite of the ones your have made so far… is just gorgeous. Your talent just grows Maria. Thank you showing your work.

  3. “This quilt moves in and out so much, it creates spaces I want to enter.” Yes, for me too. I think this is my favorite so far. I love the deep color, and how it is asymmetrical. Well done!

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