Yellow Quilt Ready For Bed

yellow quilt on bed  105

I finished “Yellow Quilt” today.  I wanted to see what it would look like on a bed so I put it on the bed in the guest room (which is also my office) .  It gets a little lost with the wall paper, but I like seeing it filled out.   When I’m making a quilt I never think about what it might look like  on a bed.  I always just think of it flat.  Seems like a whole other creature once it’s on a bed.

yellow quilt signed  104

8 thoughts on “Yellow Quilt Ready For Bed

  1. I love all your work, but this is one of my absolute favorites. Maybe because my mother, who was a quilter herself, loved the color yellow, and I know how much she would have loved this.

  2. LOVE this beautiful quilt –like sunshine splashed across the bed! Yellow is my favorite color –I cannot live without it! It looks good paired with all other colors as we see in your quilt! I love Summer best of all because of the sunshine –Winter leaves me SAD and I can find none of my beloved yellow!

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