Love Reunited

Jon, on our last trip to California, after signing 200 copies of "Izzy and Lenore"
Jon, on our last trip to California, after signing 200 copies of “Izzy and Lenore”

I just got home from driving Jon to the Albany Airport. Leaving him on the sidewalk outside the building made me think of the first time I drove him to the airport 7 or 8 years ago.  We we friends, and I was being paid by Random House to drive Jon to local book events and drop him off and pick him up at the airport.  That first time I did, I felt like I was taking my kid to his first day of school.  I don’t know why, I guess he seemed so alone to me and I felt protective of him.

This time was different, for all the reasons Jon wrote so beautifully about his on his blog this afternoon.  And because the sadness I felt  was just the normal sadness of missing someone you love.  I didn’t cry all the way home, like I did the book tour after my divorce.   I thought of our kisses goodbye and of how good it would be in three days when I  drive back to the airport to pick Jon up and bring him home.   I’ll be like   those people I like to watch when I’m waiting for Jon to walk out of the terminal.  The ones whose face suddenly breaks out into a big grin and they move slowly forward arms wide open waiting for their boyfriend or daughter or grandmother to walk into their waiting hug.  Joy overcoming the weariness of travel.  Love reunited.


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  1. So very eloquent. It brought to mind the song ‘One Cool Remove’ by Shawn Colvin with Mary Chapin Carpenter. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Made me think of one of my favorite songs (Pre-9/11 when you could still go to the gate to meet someone):

    “the arrival’s gate” by Ani DiFranco

    gonna go out
    to the arrivals gate at the airport
    and sit there all day
    watch people reuniting
    public affection is so exciting
    it even makes airports ok
    watching children run
    with their arms outstretched
    just to throw those arms
    around their grandpas’ necks
    watching lovers plant kisses
    old men to their misses
    at the arrivals gate

    watching a mother
    with a mother’s smile
    don’t tell me to move
    i just wanna sit here for a while
    i have determined
    it’s a sure cure for cancer
    watching excitment turn family
    dogs into dancers
    at the arrivals gate

  3. I love your thoughts on this, Maria. It reminds me not to take Ken for granted – he travels so much and the drop-offs and pick-ups or homecomings become routine. I think here it is called the “Kiss and Ride” – at least at the subway stations but the same is true for the airport. It is usually such a madhouse – you jockey for a position as close to the sidewalk/airline as you can, quick kiss, unload the suitcase, bless him and send him on his way and drive off into the sunset or sunrise, take your pick, while dodging the taxis and other cars coming and going, doing the same thing you are. I will remember next time…..

  4. Lovely Maria! Like in the beginning scene of “Love Actually” I love that scene of normal people hugging and kissing in the airport. Nothing dignified, but beautiful. I am so happy for you and Jon. Hopeful for myself.

  5. I’ve been so behind on my reading lately and am catching up. This post stopped me and I broke into a huge smile. I feel that way every time I am going to pick John (“my John” :)) up, or am coming home. It’s been over 30 years at this point, and I still break into the grin just thinking about it. I wish you both the same, lasting feeling :))

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