Back Porch Cats

Lenore and Minnie resting together
Lenore and Minnie resting together

I brought Minnie outside this morning and put her on the rocking chair on the back porch.  She snuggled in and Flo, who was sleeping on her rocker next to Minnie, lifted her head in interest.  Until now, Flo has avoided and ignored Minnie.  When I put Flo outside Minnie crate she wouldn’t even look at Minnie, just turned and walked away.  The few times we put Minnie outside, Flo acted like she was invisible.

But this morning Flo hopped off her rocker and made her way between me and Minnie, purring and looking for attention.  I scratched them both talking soothingly for a while.  Then,  for the first time since Minnie got hurt, Flo looked up at her.  They stared at each other and Flo jumped up on Minnie’s rocker.  Flo hissed and Minnie made one of those weird cat noises deep inside her throat and belly.  Flo jumped back onto her own rocked and went to sleep again.  I sat there for a bit, watching the two of them sleeping in their rockers.  Minnie and Flo hissing at each other one moment and sleeping next to each other the next.  Things are getting back to normal.

4 thoughts on “Back Porch Cats

  1. I love how Minnie has her tailed curled up along where her leg was amputated…as if to say, “Hey – I couldn’t do that before!” And bless Lenore & her nurturing instincts : )


  2. I predict Minnie is going to end up being Queen of Bedlam Farm 2.0, moving freely any damned place she chooses. All she needs to do is look at you with those eyes saying, “Is this door handicap accessible”, and open sesame, access is granted. Minnie may be 3 legged, but her life did an upgrade. The mice better not hesitate because missing one leg isn’t going to get a good cat down.

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