Some Vintage Hankie Scarves For Sale

Rose and Butterfly
Rose and Butterfly Scarf , has two silk hankies on the ends with a batik butterfly and rose. SOLD

I designed these scarves last week and Kim finished sewing them together a couple of days ago.  So now they’re for sale.  They are $45 each + $7 shipping (in the US) ($11 Shipping to Canada)  If you see one you like, just email me here or at [email protected].    I take checks and paypal.

Pink Flower Scarf
Pink Flower Scarf SOLD


Washington State Scarf
Washington State Scarf

Hankies were often souvenirs.  On this scarf I used two hankies that are souvenirs from the State of Washington.  The other hankies in the scarf have small embroidered flowers on one corner.

Detail of hankies used in Washington State Scarf
Detail of hankies used in Washington State Scarf



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