Traveling Quilt “feeling home”

The title, date  and my initials on my "Hope Blooming"
The title, date and my initials on my “Hope Blooming”

I got my pink yarn and got to tacking my quilt this morning .  Now it’s all done, just have to mail it to its new owner Christina.  Actually, I’ll be sending it to Christina’s Cousin Maike who lives in Illinois.  I got to do business with Maike, when Christine told me about her jewelry business Maike’s Marvels.  I bought a heart necklace for Jon and a great pair of wire earrings from her ETSY shop.  So I’ll ship the quilt to Maike and she’ll send out a box of stuff at sometime to her cousin in Germany, and my quilt will be in that box.

Christina asked me if I could put a thin backing on the quilt, because she plans on packing it in her suitcase and taking it with her when she travels.  She said it will give an  instant “feeling home” to whatever hotel she’s staying in.   It’s a really nice idea to have a traveling quilt to bring comfort where ever you go.   Not something I ever thought of, but I can picture it, that impersonal, ubiquitous hotel room, with Hope Blooming spread out on the bed or draped over the chair.  Suddenly it’s just a bit more cozy.

"Hope Blooming", all done
“Hope Blooming”, all done
Back of "Hope Blooming" with the pink yarn
Back of “Hope Blooming” with it’s  pink, orange and white ties


8 thoughts on “Traveling Quilt “feeling home”

  1. Really a beautiful quilt, Maria. Happy you found the right pink!
    I also love it that the quilt will travel. I often take a quilt with us as we travel and it helps to keep me centered.
    So happy Minnie is doing so nicely. All your love you give her is doing its job!

  2. It’s beautiful! And what a great idea! I travel nearly every week, and to think I could bring along a quilt from home – would take the sting out of the cold hotel rooms, that all look alike after awhile.

  3. Love the quilt you made!

    When Roger and I head to NYC to see his docs, we encounter other patients and caregivers at Miracle House (a wonderful hi-rise on W. 43rd Street that has 7-8 condos in it specifically for people in town for care/treatment; $50/night and you can’t beat it) who things with them to make the condo feel more like home during their stay. People bring favorite pillows, blankets, comforters, stuffed animals – you name it – to use. Several of the condos were furnished by Oprah Winfrey, but something from home always makes things even better.

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