My Good Studio Dog


My studio gets pretty small when I have a large quilt laid out on the floor like I do now.  And if I have the urge to make some hankie scarves, like I did yesterday, by the time I spread out the hankies and lay out the scarf, well there’s really just a tiny path of floor to walk on.  Now I don’t have a problem not stepping on my materials and work, but what amazes me is that Frieda doesn’t either. She made her way back and forth in through my maze of hankies and fabric never stepping on any of it.  Walking directly from her bed to the door or the door to her bed.  And once on her bed she doesn’t wander, not when I have my work laid out on the floor.

Every other animal (except Izzy) would plunk themselves down on what ever I’m working on.  But Frieda has always seemed to know just what I want her to do and not do in my studio.

7 thoughts on “My Good Studio Dog

  1. I was so amazed when I read that Frieda never steps on or lies down on your work! And here is a beautiful picture proving just that! Every animal I ever had, including our orange and white cat, wants to lie down on my work, sewing or notebooks or paper! Annie

    1. I know Annie, right in the middle of it all as if to say why are you paying so much attention to a piece of paper or fabric on the floor when you could be paying attention to me. That’s why Frieda is such a great Studio Dog.

  2. I forgot to say that the quilt you are working on to cover our body our temple, looks BEAUTIFUL lying on the floor! The colors are magnificent, I would not have guessed that red and pink would harmonize and build upon each other that way. I love the essence, the story behind this quilt. Annie

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