Scratch That Itch

Minnie and her stuffed chicken in her favorite spot on the couch
Minnie and her stuffed chicken on her favorite spot on the couch

Minnie’s head was tilted at a weird angle to her left, her left eye closed.  She was sitting on her favorite spot on the couch and seemed to be looking at me out of her open right eye.  Oh no, I thought, what’s wrong now.  She looked so strange like she couldn’t straighten out her head or open her eye.  A stroke maybe? An inner ear infection throwing her balance off?  I thought of my friends cat who was recently put down.  She could barely stand up, kept loosing her balance, couldn’t straighten her head.

I looked closely at Minnie, trying not to imagine the worst.  That’s when I saw the stump where her leg used to be moving furiously.  Minnie was trying to scratch her ear.  I took her head in my hands and rubbed the left side of her face and ear.  When we had Minnie’s leg amputated, her not being able to scratch her ear never even entered my mind.  Makes me wonder what else she can’t do that I’m not aware of.

4 thoughts on “Scratch That Itch

  1. Sweet Minnie, and I love the chicken….She will most likely need you to clean her ear out a bit, too, but cats are so adaptable. She sure looks hunkered down and happy, though. Lucky kitty to have your caring.
    Sending Christmas wishes of love, light and peace to everyone at Bedlam Farm.

  2. Awww…sounds like she’s going to need a helping hand (paw) for a few things she can’t do now. Hopefully her action of scratching was relieving her itch, kind of like a placebo. She had the resulting face contortion and body angle as if it was working.

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