Body Temple…getting there

Kimberly's quilt Body Temple
Kimberly’s quilt Body Temple

I think this is the longest I’ve ever spent working on a quilt.  Lesson for next year: Don’t start a quilt in November, Plaid Friday and Christmas orders will get in the way.

But it was actually really nice to have this quilt to come back to after my staycation.  A good way to ease me back into work.  And I was ready for it, ready to get back into the studio and ready to finish up the quilt.  Not that I got it all done, but I’m almost there.  Now I just have to tack it.  I was moving around a lot putting the quilt together so I kept warm, but tomorrow it’s supposed to be 16 below.   I won’t be crawling around on the floor (what I do when putting the backing and batting together) which is uninsulated and drafty, but the snow is supposed to go on till tomorrow night.  So, no sun and below zero temps, I just don’t know if my studio will warm up enough to work in.   I’ll be happy if I can get a few hours in before my fingers refuse to work anymore.

11 thoughts on “Body Temple…getting there

  1. This is really a beautiful piece of work, Maria. I’ve loved watching the various stages of its creation, and can’t wait to see it when it’s 100% complete. I am sure Kim will love it. (Not that I know Kim – but who wouldn’t love something this beautiful?)

  2. This is stunning, the colors make me feel like springtime! Thnak you for sharing your process, it makes it special.

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