Off To NYC

Cardinal out my window
Cardinal out my window

We’re off to New York City.  We’ll get together with Jon’s daughter Emma, see some movies and eat good food.   We’ll go to MOMA, Jon’s favorite museum and The Frick (I want to see the painting The Goldfinch. I just finished reading the book of the same name, by Donna Tartt) and maybe the Whitney if there’s time.  We have lots of plans and only three days to fit it all in. But then that’s what the city is all about.

Usually when I go away I don’t take my computer, but this time I’ll be blogging from the hotel.  After my  staycation I’m full of blogging energy.  Even if we didn’t get to one museum, just being in such a different environment, with all those different colors, sounds and smells all that activity,  gets my creative juices flowing.

And, knowing the animals are in good hands with our sitter Deb, I’m looking forward to not having to get up in the morning and feed them.   Although once I’m in the city I tend to gravitate to the dogs and horses and squirrels and birds.  The parks and animals become a touchstone for me.

But I’m excited about the change of scenery, the constant stimulation,   something to break the routine of winter.

7 thoughts on “Off To NYC

  1. Hi Maria,
    Lucky you that you have a cardinal outside. My feeders are full, but sadly, no cardies this year. Last year I had 3 families! I love to watch all the birds out by the feeders. Have a great time in the city, and too bad I’ll miss you at the Chatham Library this year. I have to work! Love your sketches, and your newest visual poem of the ice……..
    best to you and all the animals………

  2. Maria … I too have read The Goldfinch and so wanted to make a trip to NYC to see it …. I can’t wait to hear your take on actually seeing it in person. What I’d love to know is if when you saw it did you get the feeling of a trompe l’oeil? Also, I’ve read that some damage from the explosion can be seen on the canvas. Enjoy your time in NYC. Chris

  3. I did love the book and loved her others too. I read about the line and was sorry that you weren’t able to see it … who would have thought. I never would have waited in the cold to see it either.
    I did read in an article right around Christmas time that the attendance was up to see The Goldfinch because of Donna Tartt’s book. Was her publication date chosen to align with this exhibit (???) – if so, it’s worked for both.

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