Studio Sign for Hubbard Hall

Making the STUDIO sign for Hubbard Hall
Making the STUDIO sign for Hubbard Hall.  The white letters are already cut out of fabric and the black on white letters are still on paper.

A few months ago, Anne (my bookkeeper/mask-maker) asked if would make a new Studio sign for Hubbard Hall.  Anne is also the bookkeeper for Hubbard Hall which is an old Opera House in Cambridge NY.  They put on plays and even Opera sometimes.  They also have an Arts Center with classes in art and dance for adults and children.  Jon has been teaching his writing workshops there and when Anne first asked me to make the sign, I liked the idea of being able to do something to help support Hubbard Hall.

So I said yes, but then, put it off.  My first excuse was that I was too busy with Plaid Friday and Christmas orders and then when January was coming to a close and I still hadn’t done it, Anne reminded me, making it clear that their old sign was just about in tatters.  Yes, I emailed her back, I’ll begin working on it this week, but I really have no idea how to do it.  And that was the truth and the reason for my procrastination.  I had been thinking about it for months but had no idea where to start.

A few days later I got an email from Bliss, one of the long time volunteers and teachers at Hubbard Hall.  I know Bliss from seeing her name mentioned so much in any brochure or email connected with the Art Center. In her email she told me how she made the first sign (tracing fonts from her computer on wax paper and ironing them onto fabric then stitching them on) and offered to put me in touch with someone who would donate some material.  Then, as happens in small towns, I met Bliss at the Town Dump and we talked it all through.

So today I began sewing the STUDIO sign.    Anne and Gina at Hubbard Hall helped me enlarge the letters to the right size (I tried on my own computer but found it impossible to figure out).  Then I came home and traced them onto my iron-on interfacing (the interfacing is sheer enough to see through) and cut them out.

Tracing and cutting out the letters
Tracing and cutting out the letters

Next, I pinned them down……


Then stitched them on….

studio 2

Next I’ll make a loop on the top and bottom for a pole to go through and put a backing on the whole thing.

I think it looks pretty sharp and if not perfect, has that hand-made look.  Which, of course, it is.   I think I’ll like seeing it hanging outside the studio building at Hubbard Hall when I go into town.  I’m glad Anne asked me and I’m glad I said yes.  Makes me feel like part of the community.

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