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Card Reader
Card Reader SOLD

I was surprised when I went through my sketch book and found a bunch of drawings I did over the past week.  Being away, I wasn’t paying too much attention to what I had done.  It was good to get some distance from them.  After not thinking about them, it was like looking at them for the first time.

These five drawings are for sale.  I have one drawing still available.  Making Magic is $25 each + $7 shipping.  They are  pencil on 9×7 archival paper.  If you’re interested in any of them, just email me here or at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

My first drawing Card Reader was inspired by a photograph by Carrie Mae Weems called “Untitled” (Woman Playing Solitaire)”.   She said of the retrospective she’s having at the Guggenheim… “Of course, I’m thrilled…  I’m the first African-American woman to have a retrospective at the Guggenheim.  Not to sound pretentious, but I should be having a show there.”  I’ve always been inspired by her art, now I’m inspired by her attitude too.

Dream Pot
Dream Pot SOLD

Dream Pot and a few of the others came directly out of the work I did with Athena  about realizing my own  Power.  I put the girl on a pedestal and gave her a voice for her dreams.

Making Magic
Making Magic

I made Making Magic  after looking at pictures of cave drawings on Pinterest. Many of the them had a feeling of movement, the passage of time.  There is a lot of overlapping and repetition that somehow felt magical to me. As if the drawings were creating a reality. I tried to capture that feeling in my own way.

The moon in my room
Drops of Gold SOLD

This is another drawing that came from my work on  knowing my own Power.  During my session with Athena, I saw my power emanating out of me in drops of liquid gold, while stirring a cauldron of the same gold.  I was thinking of that image when I made this drawing.

Reaching SOLD

This is the drawing I made around my Birthday.  All the girls seem to be reaching for something.  It’s about stretching  limits and reaching and moving ahead.

6 thoughts on “My Drawings for Sale

  1. Hi Maria,

    I am interested in Card Reader, Reaching, or Making Magic
    What size are the drawings?
    Will we get the originals and will they be signed?
    You know I love your work….
    And PS – we may be movin to a farm in NYS this year – 40 acres in Schoharie County (where I grew up) – I am very excited!!!!


    1. Millie, Making Magic is the only one still available. They are all 9 x7 pencil on archival paper. They are all signed originals.
      Thanks and good luck with your move. Sounds wonderful!

  2. Hi Maria, I was recently introduced to your work and blog. And Enjoying discovery of layers of meaning these beautiful drawing posses.. so full magic and wonder.

  3. Maria,
    I received the drawing “Reaching”. I absolutely love it. I loved that you used twine/string from Aunt Katie…. I am going to hold onto it and recycle it with love! Thank you again for your talent! xo
    Love, Laura

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