Win one of my drawings in the Common Thread Give-a-way

"For You"
“For You”

It’s the first Monday of February, so it’s time for the Common Thread Give-a-way.  In December it was Jane’s turn (Jane now has a whole bunch of new Valentine Hearts for sale on  ETSY ) then in, January Jon gave away one of his photos.

This month it’s my turn.  I’m seeing my drawing “For You” has a bit of a Valentine feel to it, although I wasn’t aware of that as I was making it.  Anyway, if you’d like to have a chance to win my drawing “For You” just leave a comment on my blog.  I’ll be picking the winner (using and announcing who it is on Thursday morning.  “For You” is pencil on 9×12 archival paper.

Next month you’ll have a chance to win one of Rachel’s drawings.   Her Halloween Cat in  October got a lot of attention.  And just think, by the time it’s Kim’s turn to give something away, it will  be spring!  Why do I see and Easter Pug in the future?

55 thoughts on “Win one of my drawings in the Common Thread Give-a-way

  1. I love your drawings, Maria! and so happy to have a chance at winning one. Thank you!! Keep drawing and sharing. I may not always be able to afford one, but they always make my day, and make me smile.


  2. I see you in this drawing, sharing yourself, with the world around you…
    We are blessed. :-). Please enter me in the contest.

  3. A lot going on in this picture. I wonder what could be in the gift box. Pot holders, maybe? I would love to win this sketch. Please include me in the drawing.

  4. I Love your drawings and would love to win a drawing from you please enter my name in the drawing Thanks Barb Sieke

  5. I am a fan of your art work and blog. Also Jon’s. I am not a person who wins contests but thought it was a good chance to express my appreciation of what you do.

  6. Hi Maria! Count me in too. Thanks for the opportunity. By the way, the Chatelaine quilt is happily ensconced in the Rabbit Hole and looking mighty fine. I love it!

  7. I barely missed out on buying your first drawing for $10. Free would be even better! I love your drawings. Thanks for doing this, Maria.

  8. I am drawn to the moons in this picture—the moon has always had special meaning to me. I would love to win this drawing. Kaaren Andrews

  9. Please enter me in your drawing! Remember to howl at the moon on February 14. It’s the full “Snow Moon” – extra special on Valentine’s Day!

  10. Hey, Maria! Please consider me in your drawing! I love your work! I’ll be away on Valentine’s Day but am taking my laptop with me. I sneaked a Valentine’s Day card for my husband into my suitcase…I wonder if he’ll remember to get me one this year since we won’t be home…we’ll see.

  11. Your drawing makes me smile, Maria – would love to be able to see it in my home every day. Please enter my name in the drawing.

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