Snow Day (kinda)

Frieda outside my studio
Frieda outside my studio

Snow Day!  We lost our electricity last night for just a few hours.  But for that time it made me think of everyone who has been without and will be without for days.   I was immediately grateful for our wood stoves and that we have a stream in the back yard to get water for the animals and the toilet.  We thought of our friends and neighbors that didn’t have wood stoves.   And  I thought about not being able to work and blog.  I was thinking I’d do a ton of drawings and rely on facebook for blogging.   Then there’s all the stuff I luckily didn’t have to think of because  the lights came back on sometime when we were asleep .

So it’s a snow day, with a big chunk of the morning spent shoveling paths to the barns and feeders, digging out gates and doors.  But it’s pretty easy for me to get to work, so there no excuse to stay in.  However, I will take the morning to start working on a Kickstarter project.  When Jon decided to do a Kickstarter project he got on his computer that day and had it done in under a week.  Me, well, I take a while to get going with something new.  I have to procrastinate for a good long time before I actually get to it.  But it seems my time has come.

I’m going to do a Vintage hankie Scarf and Pillow  project.   I’ve looked at some of the projects where people are selling scarves and mine seem pretty unique.  And I believe they have a lot of appeal.  Since I first came up with the idea I could picture them around the necks of tall, skinny, somber faced  models in catalogues. (not that I want to be spending all my time making scarves! I know I don’t want to go that route).Most of these types of projects are asking for money for production and marketing.  I’ll do that, but also try to raise money for a new sewing machine.  It would be wonderful to have two sewing machines set up in my studio. One for straight sewing and one for free motion sewing.  This way,  when I’m working on a project, I can go back and forth easily.  Or easily work on more that one project at once.  I love the idea of Kickstarter potentially bringing me another audience too.

So I’m off, onto something new.  I wonder what will happen…..



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  1. Go for it, Maria! Having a second machine set up is always a good thing – when I did a lot more garment sewing, I always had an older machine set up just for basting, with another color thread, so I wouldn’t have to keep re-threading my good machine. Currently I only have one set up, but I have a few older backup machines that I’ve trashpicked and restored, or found at sidewalk sales. I’m thinking about offering basic lessons in the spring. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Kickstarter.

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