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jon at bh 1

B&H Photo is like a photographers Disney World.  The sales people are honest and helpful and nice!  Being with Jon as he bought his camera that he raised money for on Kickstarter was an affirmation of our creative lives together.

There are all kinds of great projects on Kickstarter.  They’re fun to look through and you may be inspired to fund one or create your own project.

3 thoughts on “Creative Lives

  1. Oh, Maria! How wonderful that you made your kickstarter goal so QUICKLY! And what a sweet and deserved reward that you and Jon can go together to buy his new camera equipment with his kickstarter funds. AND show support for the working horses and owners in Central Park. HAVE A FUN TRIP!! Annie

  2. So glad Jon got the camera he wanted to. It sounds like a hugely successful trip. I think I’d be very overwhelmed in B&H. What fun to see it though.

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