Dancing Cocktail Cats Pillow

dancing cocktail cats doneThese cats look like their on stage to me.  Like they’re dancing for an audience as well as themselves.

I surprised myself by using the fabric I did for the border.   It came in a small plastic bag with some other fabrics and was sent to me by my friend Sally.  It was an odd mix of fabric and I thought I’d use them all together in a quilt.  I always like the challenge of making fabric that doesn’t seem to go together work in a quilt.

But when I was looking around for the border for this pillow and nothing that I thought should work did, I looked through that plastic bag and saw the fabric with the golfing theme.  Since I first saw it, I wondered how I would use that piece of fabric.  Sometimes when the subject of a piece of material is so dominant I find it hard to use, without it taking over the whole meaning of a piece.  In my mind, golf was far from the Dancing Cocktail Cats.  (although once I really thought about it, they do seem to work together.  The Cats, I would guess are from the  50’s  and I can imagine the whole “Man in the Gray Flannel Suit” thing going on).  But the colors and pattern was perfect.  And the golf theme only noticeable on close inspection. Like a hidden message.

This pillow is sold, but I have two more pairs of the Cocktail Cats left and know I’ll have just as much fun making them into pillows as I have making the last two Cocktail Cats Pillows.

2 thoughts on “Dancing Cocktail Cats Pillow

  1. The golf seems perfect– they probably went into the club for a drink after they finished the course! Very cute pillow, Maria!

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