Karen’s Cats

Karen's Cats
“Karen’s Cats”

I finished sewing Karen’s wall hanging today.  I made a few changes and for the first time sewed some beads onto a piece.

And here’s the shirt that Karen made me:

Made by Karen Heenan
Made by Karen Heenan

It’s incredibly comfortable and looks great on me too.  I love the style.  The applique on the shoulder continues on the back.

Happy Birthday to Karen and me.

4 thoughts on “Karen’s Cats

  1. I love it, Maria – it’s so festive, and the cat in the center really has the same attitude as my sewing room cat, Lily. (And not knowing, you came really close to the actual number of cats in my house, if you count the lion). There are 9 altogether. Don’t ask how that happened, because I’m still not sure.

    1. Karen, I think the lion counts as two cats. She’s like the mother of all cats, watching over them. But I never would have imagined you had 9 cats. As you say, sometimes these things happen and….who knows…..Lily sounds like the ultimate cat’s cat.

  2. JILL IS SO RIGHT! Karen really did capture your essence in this shirt! And reading about Karen’s cats, I’d say you did the same for her in this wallhanging. Annie

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