Toasting Cocktail Cats II

Toasting Cocktail Cats II
Toasting Cocktail Cats II

I just put the stuffing in this pillow this morning.  I don’t think my bad brain attack had a bad influence on it.  Luckily I designed it last week. This is the third of my sets of Cocktail Cats that Jackie gave to me.  I have one more set left and I think they are both spoken for.

When I was making this pillow and I put that thin piece of gray striped fabric between the pillow and the black edge I said, Yow wee!  out loud.  That pillow moved and it was the gray stripe that made it move.

Here's a close up of the blue flower and doves and roosters.
Here’s a close up of the blue flower and doves and roosters.  I like the repeated circles.

8 thoughts on “Toasting Cocktail Cats II

  1. The colors and patterns on this pillow are stunning!
    I love the cats, and the roosters, as well.
    Beautiful work, Maria. Is it sold,yet?

  2. Wow! I just came back to your site after not reading it for quite a while. Holy mackerel, have you ever evolved in every way! Your work, writing, confidence, voice, humour, connections, everything…it’s like a stream of sunshine. Will be back regularly… Don’t know why it doesn’t make it to my Facebook page…I am going to get rid of some of the commercial high-volume posters, I think, and perhaps that will make more room for you. I have a couple of potholders and a pillow from your first Pig Studio show! Make me smile every day. It was a wonderful trip. And this is far too long.

    1. Wow Diane, how nice to hear. Thanks for coming back and letting me know how much things have changed. Sometimes I think of looking back at my old posts and seeing if the more recent ones are very different. But I really don’t want to. Now I don’t have to.

  3. Good grief! Just when I think your work cannot get any more fabulous! Love these cocktail kitty sets.

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