Pink Boots and Pink Duct Tape

bootsOn this very rainy day, I noticed that my faux muck boots (maybe not as durable as the real ones, but oh so pretty) had a crack in them.  I was wearing my last pair of red wool socks and knew they’d be soaked if I wore my boots out to the barn.

Luckily my Aunt Katie sent us a roll of pink and black tiger striped Duct Tape  along with a bunch of other  goodies (including string, a plastic bag opener, and chocolate) for Christmas last year. Yeah, I have your standard silver Duct Tape in the kitchen drawer,  but it just wouldn’t do.  Not for my pink boots with the brown horses on them. Those tiger stripes are going to work just fine until I get to Tractor Supply and get another pair of boots.  Hopefully they have some more of those fake pink ones.

4 thoughts on “Pink Boots and Pink Duct Tape

  1. Oh my…you are SO much more stylish than I am…I have (cheapie) black muck boots and amazingly so – a big split in the LEFT boot…and alas, only the grey/silver duct tape fixing the problem. I’ve had to replace the duct tape twice now until I can get to town (90 miles round trip and I only go monthly) to get replacements before irrigation season starts—duct tape is NOT waterproof.

  2. Love the boots, love the tape, Maria, ever creative as you are…Jon catches your creativity and takes it even further.

    I pray that you have a safe journey and trip to Alabama. No need to say more. I’m sure the weather is on your mind as well. Please post if you can from Gee’s Bend.

    SandyP , just north of Toronto, Ontario Canada

    1. Oh, I’ll be posting from Gee’s Bend Sandy. I can’t wait to post from Gee’s Bend. It’s part of the fun of the trip. And the weather looks good for next week as awful as it was in that part of the country this week.

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