Freedom Potholders


I learned a lot on my trip to Gee’s Bend, some of it I’m sure I’m not even aware of yet.  But at my first shot using what I know I learned, I made these Potholders.  I’m calling them my Freedom Potholders because that was my first lesson.  Letting go of control, not planning, and doing something I’ve never done before.

I used Mary Ann’s technique of starting out by just picking up two pieces of fabric that were the right size to sew together and sewing them together. Then I moved on from there, trying not to think about it too much, trying not to plan, but sewing one piece at a time.

Usually I cut up the pieces and lay them out on my table, I have it all planned out then sew them together.  Doing it Mary Ann’s way, well, I think they’re kinda wild.  You can see in the photo that the first one is more like my regular potholders, and how as I went along, I loosened up more and more.

I used a baggie of scraps that came from Laura Israel.  All these wonderful, bright colors that I was not sure how to use before.    Well, now I know.  Thanks Mary Ann and thanks Laura.  Oh these are fun to make!

12 thoughts on “Freedom Potholders

  1. Oh my, they are fun! Almost like looking at clouds and picking out different shapes! I see a house and a road going through farm land with many different crops on either side….awesome Maria!

  2. MAria-
    These are wonderful. So glad you had the Gee’s Bend experience. It’s wonderful to learn new techniques and then apply them in your own creative way. I love the Freedom holders.

  3. Hi Maria! My last two comments I tried to submit never worked, so I hope this one does! congratulations on being a lamb mommie! Good job! And………your freedom potholders……..lovely. I am noticing you still have an anchoring strip…………… interesting. A central focusing point? I think that is the part that might eventually disappear as you become more free with it? Love them…….just noticing the strip. It is the *rock*, the center, the binding piece……… maybe it needs to go away? Only said in love and appreciation, as you know
    Hugs from Calif
    Susan M

  4. I could see Gee’s Bend immediately. Great job! I love these. And you’re so right about the evolution of these from the first potholder!I bet you had fun doing these! 🙂

  5. I can see that Gee’s bend had a great influence – but you’ve made these totally yours. They’re wonderful! Good to see you and Jon in Central Park. Roger’s daughter (in Florida) saw the ceremony on PBS. How cool is that?

  6. Maria, I love how you experiment! All 3 designs are wonderful, but my favorite is the third one because it “feels” balanced in design and color and that makes my eyes happy! Thanx for sharing your beautiful art and your nurturing comments about Jon, you, and the Bedlam Farm animals. I enjoy beginning each day reading the Bedlam Farm Journal blog!

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