Helicopter Mom

Liam and his mom Suzy
Liam and his mom Suzy

There are moments, but it’s not often, when you’ll see Liam and Suzy separated.  Suzy’s a good mom, from the beginning she’s been very attentive, never letting Liam wander too far.  I’ve never seen her push him away from her teat and if anyone gets too close to Liam, she gets between them.  I have no doubt that when one of the donkeys (I would say Simon although I didn’t actually see it) went after Liam, Suzy did everything she could to protect him.

But sometimes it seems to be that Suzy can be a bit overprotective.  A bit of a Helicopter Mom.  More than once I’ve seen her butt Pumpkin away, with her head, when the two of them get a moment of play in. Socks is a little less intense as a mom.  Pumpkin is often off on his own.  Many times I’ve seen her walk away while Pumpkin is still  nursing.  Although she can be protective too, she doesn’t seem to hover as much as Suzy.

Yesterday I tried to tell Suzy to lighten up a  little.  To let Liam and Pumpkin play together.  Snip a bit of those apron strings.  But I guess she’ll let go when she’s ready. And Pumpkin and Liam do seem to find some time together. Moments here and there of head butting and romping.

Liam and Pumpkin
Liam and Pumpkin standing around, looking like guys, while the sheep eat grain.

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