Green Boots, Who Knew?

green boots

I was waiting in the car for Jon who was in O’Hearns Pharmacy yesterday morning, but he took just a few minutes too long and NV the new Consignment shop across the street was calling to me.

I got to know Nikki who owns the shop with her mom Vicky (yes, Nikki and Vicky) from working with her at the Cambridge Co-op.  We had a great time one day moving shelves and beans from one side of the Co-op to the other.  We  made that connection working together that I’ve experienced before working with other women.  It doesn’t seem to happen when I’ve worked with men.  The women that I work well with are willing to listen and figure things out together, it’s not about one person telling the other what to do or thinking they have all the answers.  I mean we just had fun trying to fit shelves into places they didn’t want to go and moving big containers of dried legumes around.  It was that day that Nikki asked me where I got the vest I was wearing from, it looked familiar to her because I  had bought it at her consignment shop down the street.

I left a note on the dash-board letting Jon know where I was (which he never saw, when he didn’t see me in the car, he knew where I was) and answered the calling.  It didn’t take me long to find the green boots size 8 for $8.  I could see they were serious, much more serious than my pink ones from Tractor Supply. They fit perfectly, stopping just below my knee. I noticed they had no real seams as if they’d been dipped in plastic, then saw the stamp on the bottom that said France. 

As much as I pay attention to what I wear, I don’t know much about fashion or designer name clothes.  But these boots seemed really well made to me.  So after trying them out in the pasture yesterday afternoon,  I turned them upside down, scraped off the sheep poop and saw the name Aigle above the word France. Google helped me find out that these are, as I thought, better boots than my last pair.  What I got is a pair of rubber boots handcrafted in France that, when new, cost around $160 – $200.   I get the feeling I won’t be using my pink tiger striped duct tape on these for a while.

(If you’re coming to the Open House in June and you like to do some Consignment shopping, NV is at 76 Main Street in Cambridge, just a block or two down from Jacks Out Back Antiques.

11 thoughts on “Green Boots, Who Knew?

  1. hello Maria, you’re right, Aigle has been manufacturing the very best boots here in France for ages (and they last for ages, too).

  2. I have a pair of rubber boots that are starting to get a hole in one side. I must favor that leg to wear it out there. Anyway, I will get out the duct tape. They were cheap boots to begin with and never fit very well but I made do. We have a Rural King store in the next town over where I shop for country things, my little town is too small to have something like that.
    Also, good job on keeping the chicks. And did I read it wrong but maybe you are keeping Kim too?

  3. Oh Maria, What a find!!!! You needed these so badly and they’re world class real muck boots! From France to N.Y. just waiting for you. I’m loving these and you’ve kicked in my shoe and boot fetish. Damn. I have to post pics of my Wellies and my Muck boots so I’ll feel balanced… You are sooo lucky to have these. I’m green(get it?)with envy. 🙂

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