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  1. Maria, it has been some time since I last wrote you, and I’m sorry.
    Life seems to have a habit of time passing so quickly that the things you really intend to do drift away like clouds until you grab onto them and make better use of that fleeting time.
    Happy belated anniversary to you and Jon. It certainly has been an eventful year. Your followers, like myself, have experienced the ups and downs of your past year. The lambing experience was something special that the two of you shared; I can see that it wasn’t easy. It was an emotional, yet rewarding time where you went through all of life’s phases.
    I write today to extend my deepest condolences on little Jake’s passing. I was saddened when I read about his suffering and subsequent death. I find that the grief experienced by those who lose an animal is something deep that reaches into the soul. I don’t know if life is preordained by some higher power but I do know that in looking at the photos Jon posted of the twins, there was always a light that seemed to surround them in those pictures. It wasn’t a line drawn around them, rather is was a radiant light that was in the background like a bright haze. I don’t know what that means, but I know that it was there because I saw it. In reading Jon’s blog, he said that the loss od little Jake and the experience drew you both to new conclusions. If that is the case, then maybe that is why all of it happened as it did. At any rate, I want to express my condolences and deep sympathy over his passing. Thank you for sharing so much that has been in your heart.

    1. Thank you Jane, It’s nice to hear from you. I know you are going through your own difficult times. I hope things are going well.

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